Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough - Issue No.: 577 Issue Date: 25 May, 2020

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Aussie Chefs at the "Repas Exotique"!

Rachel's exchange

Hi everyone!

So France update time! I am back at school which is (sometimes) enjoyable, I really have learned to appreciate the cruisy 8:30-3:15 timetable of Australian high schools after spending almost every day leaving the house at 7am and getting back at 6pm. 

I had a bit of a funny moment on Wednesday, I had swimming for sport (even when it's 0 degrees outside) and it had been 10 months since I have played water polo, I had never been a very fast swimmer even when I was fit, and yet somehow I am now one of the fastest swimmers in my class and they were all super impressed (this goes to say that frenchy's definitely aren't the best at sport).

I have finally finished my French exam and my goodness what a relief it was to get it over with! I don't have the results yet but fingers crossed I passed. It was a nice day because all the exchange students who did the DELF (the exam) went to the big city Lille after the exam to go get lunch and spend the afternoon together, which was lovely as things are quickly coming to an end and goodbyes are on the horizon. It also happened to start snowing as we came out of the building. 

With friends from Argentina, Columbia and Australia

At the Lille Christmas Markets

We also had our exotic meal night with rotary where we all cook something from our country and represent where we came from. The 6 other Aussies and I sure did our country proud, I was dressed as an Eagles player, we had an Australian zoo worker, a farmer, a kangaroo, and a bondi beach lifeguard. We did a bit of a mash up of classic Aussie songs and I got lots of compliments on my lemon slice and was asked for the recipe numerous times. It was a really fun night with over 300 guests and we made over 6000 euros for the district, I really think it's an idea 9455 should think about if possible!

I also saw my first Christmas markets with 2 exchange friends in Lille last Friday and it's safe to say I am definitely going to be a winter christmas addict after this year.

Next week I am off to Norway while the year 12's are doing some exams to go visit Margrete which will be amazing! I will send an update and some photos once I get back.

I hope everyone is well and my parents presentation isn't too boring for you all.

Kind regards



Author: Rachel Jupp

Published: 1 December, 2018


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