Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough - Issue No.: 537 Issue Date: 19 Aug, 2019

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Pres Geoff with Grant Woodhams

Music for Dementia

The project started around September/October last year from watching an ABC Catalyst documentary and then calling Alzheimers WA. They gave me some websites to follow. I tapped into the Alive Inside program in the USA and ordered some of their headsets. While the program was up and running in the USA and UK (Music For Dementia 2020), there was nothing co-ordinated in Australia. I felt this was an ideal Rotary project.

Our Board, under President Jason, allowed me to investigate the idea.

 In early December,I met with the local Aged Care facilities to see if they would be interested in the project and allow me to run a trial in the Geraldton area.

From there we collected anecdotal feedback to enable us to apply for funding from Rotary Foundation. Rotarians Pete and Sue Svensson, who ran the local Leading Edge Electronics store, made enquiries to see if we could get a manufacturer to make the headsets. After some persuasion, Jaycar came onboard.

As the project gained momentum we also applied for a Bendigo Bank Community Grant and we thank them for their generous contribution.

We projected that about 400 sets would supply the Midwest in our initial project. Jaycar manufactured 1000 sets and for those of you here that are interested, there are 600 sets warehoused, waiting for delivery.

We have had interest from Opal Care in their other facilities Australia wide, The Brightwater Group in Perth, Bethanie Community Care in Perth and the South West, Ballarat Health Campus in Victoria (Prof Jo Ibrahim).

A few guests on the night!

Pres Geoff with two well known nurses!

The major problem expressed by most of these organisations has been the cost, with figures of $A70 per set being given. I commend Jaycar for their generosity in pricing these sets at $A30 each and putting them within the range of every family. With the cost of a 16GB Memory card at $10, the total commitment of $40 for the benefits and outstanding results being seen is minimal.

An article in Monday’s West Australian by Rhonda Parker, the CEO of Alzheimers WA, emphasises the value of music and memory and how valuable to society this program can be.

May I finish by thanking several people who have assisted us to get this off the ground.

Firstly, our partners, Rotary Foundation, Bendigo Bank and Jaycar.

To President Jason and the 2018/2019 Board, who allowed me to proceed with the idea.

To Tony Emmott and Pete Svensson, for your assistance and encouragement.

And finally to Carryn, Beth and Sari, without whose co-operation and enthusiasm, this project would not exist.

This year’s Rotary theme is “Rotary Connects The World”. There is nothing more appropriate to align with this project.

We have sown the seed. The next step is to harvest the crop !

Author: Ian Taylor

Published: 21 July, 2019


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