Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough - Issue No.: 541 Issue Date: 16 Sep, 2019

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Tony Allen

Hat Day Guest Speakers

Tony Allen, retired farmer.

Tony had a tough start to life, suffering polio as a child, spending 4 months in an “iron lung”, followed by a prolonged rehab. He farmed in Mingenew later in life, with that difficult life and financial stress leading to depression, which he refused to accept. His stubbornness licked in and he tried to fight it through hard work on road trains. When retirement came, his family intervened and he finally accepted treatment and got on the road to recovery. He now volunteers though Men’s Sheds and shares his life experience to encourage blokes to look after themselves, and embrace life, family and friends. We are social creatures and benefit from friendship and “having a chat”. His message: “Look after yourself, you are a good person”


Derby Thompson, Community Engagement Worker, Head Space Geraldton.

Derby explained the role of Headspace in engaging young people with mental health issues and reducing the stigma of mental health. He outlined the services they provide including counselling and GP services. He thanked the combined Rotary Clubs for their support.

Adrian Bartlett

Derby Thompson

Headspace is about to launch “Sleepy September”, a project to encourage young people to sleep better so they can function and cope better, with the slogan “It’s time to wake up to sleep”. A camp out for 12-15 year olds is planned to promote this. (“Screen time” is a significant cause of sleep deprivation in the young.)


Adrian Barlett, Geraldton Aboriginal Sporting Corporation.

“Barty” has been involved in sport all his life, and the not for profit corporation he represents supports 8-18year olds through sport, to help keep them on the right path and out of trouble.

Through the promotion of sport, culture and dance, the aim is to provide positive influences on young people and support their parents as well.



Author: Ian Taylor

Published: 28 July, 2019


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