Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough - Issue No.: 541 Issue Date: 16 Sep, 2019

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Ths Family!

Flight over the Abrolhos!

Hi all!

I would like to acknowledge John Gooch from Shine Aviation who most generously provided the Meriau family (Rachel's second host family last year) with a trip to the Abrolhos Islands free of charge. We were prepared to take them there and use Shine as John is a Rotary member and he insisted that he would do it at no cost as his way of contributing to the Youth Exchange program.

The Islands!

Pt Moore

The family were naturally blown away by the scenery and the generosity of John.  They were lucky enough to have perfect weather as can be attested to by the photo's attached.

I'm sure I can leave it your hands to recognise this gesture appropriately.

Cheers, Helen 😊

PS Note that I am not in the photo - I stayed at home & did their washing for them


Author: Ian Taylor

Published: 2 August, 2019


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