Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough - Issue No.: 553 Issue Date: 9 Dec, 2019

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Paul Harris society

The Paul Harris Society                           

Our Paul Harris Society is a program in which we Rotarians can donate $1,000 US dollars and earn PHF points. A great program, one which we should all get behind.

Now let’s just take a look at what this really means. If all our District Rotarians donated to the Paul Harris Society (let’s say 1,500 members), that would equate to $1,500,000 US dollars – a great result!  However, we have pensioners and others who are not in a position to donate that much, so let’s work on say half the members. Using my slide rule (the real calculator!) that would equate to $750,000 US dollars.

If we were to donate early, when we receive our tax returns, it would earn interest for three years and then half would be returned as District Designated Fund (DDF). If we wait until the end of the financial year (still in time to receive a tax deductable receipt) it would be invested for just over two years before coming back. Less time invested does mean less income generated though. Me, I like to give monthly, $120 AU dollars (out of my bank account because I don’t like credit cards). Credit cards or direct debit – either way, we wouldn’t really miss the small amount each month, and at the end of year we should have more than enough to cover any currency fluctuations (let’s hope the Aussie goes upwards!)

Imagine the $375,000 USD coming back to District as DDF (plus a similar amount from club contributions), and the projects we could undertake, the immense good we could do in our communities and the world, not to mention all the sensational projects we could perform with the support of Global Grants. The mind boggles at the scale of ‘Doing Good in the World’!

And all because we donated $120 per month for twelve months. Stand up Rotarians, take a bow, celebrate our fantastic achievement in making a difference and Being the Inspiration!

Now I know it’s been said many times, “it’s like buying your own PHF”. Well I disagree because you don’t have to wear the pin and you can use the points to recognise someone else. You can recognise a fellow Rotarian for all the great work he or she has performed, and that would make them feel appreciated by their fellow Rotarians.

My thoughts would be to honour a person in the community who has served the elderly, the infirm, the needy, the young. You make that decision because they are your points but in general, recognise a person that has gone beyond, quietly and unnoticed.

Recognise that person at a special meeting of the club, ask the DG to perform the ceremony, invite the local media  ΜΆ  or just take the photos yourself and send the information off to the local newspaper, telling an inspiring story about the recipient and the great work they have done.  

Now consider the ramifications. We have recognised one of the community’s unsung heroes – and readers love those stories – advertised Rotary for being community-minded – and people greatly admire organisations that stand up for the people.  So quite possibly, we could create membership opportunities, all because we donated $120 per month.

Now that’s a good use of our hard earned dollars.

PDG Ron Geary

Endowment and Major Gifts Advisor    Zone 8

Author: Hugh Lavery

Published: 22 August, 2019


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