Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough - Issue No.: 594 Issue Date: 21 Sep, 2020

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Announcements and News from Members

From Pres Geoff:

Geoff wished to acknowledge the passing of Claire Emmott's father and passed on the club's condolences to Claire and Tony.

Discussed also the prospect of a closer working relationship with Toastmasters.

Some information on the experience of the Lifeline organisation during this Coronavirus lockdown.

Spent some time on a zoom call with Rotary Dist Gov as well as AG's and Club Presidents.

Covid News from the Doc:

All going well, only a handfull of active cases left in WA. Brilliant job from our leaders and cooperation from the population. Some restrictions will be eased on May 18, including allowing restaurants to open with a maximum of 20 patrons and some easing of the regional borders, but we in Gero will still be cut off from Perth.

Club Membership with Pete Svensson -

Welcome to Liz Waddell, welcome also to Jo Clarke who has applied to transfer back into our club. Two big wins there!!

Liz Waddell provides some background on herself including the work she is doing with people with chronic illnesses.

Maja Kalinowska (IBES) - had a great birthday last Thursday. She was surprised by her host sister Caris D'Mello and the other local exchange students. She had cake, gifts and dinner and then a video hook up with her family in Poland. She says it was very emotional. MK thanks us for our wishes and presents.

Social Distancing with German Precision

Club Sec Hugh - no report, his wife is home after six weeks away. Hugh will return to a proper diet.

Club Treasurer Jim - no financials. Has been through borders to Perth again.

Tony Emmott - many small businesses are struggling and he is referring many to Lifeline as per Pres Geoff's comments earlier.

Peter Moore - is taking more bikes to Perth on Thursday (14/5)

Member News:

Laurie Dines - great to be doing his first Zoom meeting. Has been through road block and found it in some ways scary.

Graeme Byland - domiciled in Melbourne. Far heavier lockdown scenario than we have.

Jo Clarke - her husband Dean is back at work, Jo suspects she may end up at work shortly.

Steve Muir - reports that PP Cyril McKenzie is out of hospital and is back in Geraldton.

Grant Woodhams - Superintendent Roger Beer has been invited to attend one of our zoom meetings. Awaiting a reply. Jenny Kessell from Toastmasters was invited BC - before Coronavirus. An invitation will be extended to her to attend by Zoom too.

Geoff Wood invites the 'first nine' to morning tea at Chez Wood at nine thirty this morning.

End of meeting.

Zoom yaz nek week!


Author: Grant Woodhams

Published: 17 May, 2020


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