Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough - Issue No.: 612 Issue Date: 25 Jan, 2021

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Gratitude Gift Boxes

Guest Speaker Julia Gourley. Has been in Geraldton for three years, previously spent ten years in Cairns NQ. She is studying F/T to improve her business skills. While in Cairns she created a programme called Gratitude Gift Box.

Whilst working in Cairns Queensland, Julia created a program called Gratitude Gift Boxes. These contain essential items that would be useful to a woman escaping family violence and include such simple basic items as toiletries, moisturiser, make up, a small gift and a note of positive affirmation that can greatly improve the wellbeing of a woman dealing with the consequences of family violence. Similar gift boxes are also provided for children affected as well.

The question is often asked of women “Why don’t you leave?” The issue is that a lot of these women are trapped in controlling, threatening relationships where they are denied access to money and they often have no outside support networks or resources. Julia outlined the extent of preparation a woman must go to escape a relationship, including saving some money of their own, contacting support agencies, obtaining legal advice and having an emergency exit plan. This is even more complex when children are involved.

Julia’s PowerPoint presentation over the ZOOM meeting was well received and promoted a lot of questions. Kim Stokes mentioned that his wife Joceline and Di Taylor had been involved in a similar program in the past. It was generally felt this would be a fantastic project for the club to pick up, particularly as partners could be involved.

Author: Ian Taylor

Published: 14 June, 2020


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