Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough - Issue No.: 594 Issue Date: 21 Sep, 2020

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Who am I featuring PP Geoff Watson

Guest Speaker - Who am I featuring Geoff Watson (former President of our club)

Born in Lake Grace in an unnamed year. I will take a stab and say 1955.

His parents were farmers at Newdegate.

His father migrated from Scotland as a boy (12-14)

His mother moved to Newdegate in 1924. Newdegate is 400 k's ESE of Perth

His mother's brothers fought in WW2, one of them ended up on the Burma Railway.

Went to Newdegate Primary School. 3 boys and 8 girls in his class, about 60 in the school.

Did his high school years at Albany Senior High School. (ASHS)

Lived at the Boy's Hostel in Albany, fellow boarders included Lew Hills and Grant Woodhams.

In his third year at ASHS his father died.

After that he went back to work on the farm and other farms.

In those days a 7oz glass of beer cost 16cents - cheaper than a game of pool.

Played footy, cricket, tennis. Played League football against some of the local greats including the Goodings, Mycocks and Bairstows.

Remembered seeing Sir Donald Campbell's world water speed record Bluebird boat at Dumbleyung in 1964.

He left the Newdegate area in 1984 when he married a schoolteacher and they came to live in G'ton.

The marriage didn't last, but he had borrowed $'s from her to start Geraldton Trophy Centre.

He commented also that he hadn't spoken to his brother since 1985.

He has a sister in the US, who formerly lived in Carnamah.

He had always wanted to go to the Maldives and that is how he met his second wife Merrilyn when he went to Travel World to make a booking. It is a long story, best to get Geoff to tell you...

"The Street Kids"

Pres Geoff Watson

anyway he ended up going to the United States and Mexico with her, the rest is history

With respect to his business which he purchased in 1984, the original premises were near the old Sunseeker Hotel, these days the site of the Geraldton Police Station.

He then moved to Town Towers where he had the first embroidery machine in rural WA (I hope this is accurate reporting!)

In those days he did a live segment on GWN TV which was located in 5th Avenue Wonthella. It boosted his business enormously.

He then moved to Marine Tce where he spent some time in both the current Provincial site and the Finity site before moving around to his current location in Leicester Avenue.

Geoff says his hobbies are camping, fishing, shooting, and scuba diving. He says he has fished most of the west coast.

His family consists of wife Merrilyn, and boys Ashley (30 yo) and Dion (25 yo).

In closing Geoff said he joined Rotary in 1985 after being asked by Raj Mavath.

(My first board appointment was under Pres Geoff Watson in 1992-93. Our rough and tumble lot were referred to as "The Street Kids"!! In that year we bought a pulse oxymeter machine for the hospital, new expensive tech at the time, helping to manage critically ill patients. -Doc)

Author: Grant Woodhams

Published: 11 July, 2020


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