Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough - Issue No.: 623 Issue Date: 12 Apr, 2021

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RWADE in Geraldton!

This week’s editor is taking the opportunity to highlight the Focus and content of this event especially for any Club members who have not had the opportunity to attend an RWADE.  As a Community Service Club it is hard to believe that we can have a more important involvement than assisting our children and grandchildren to “stay SAFE on our roads”!!  

RWADE is the Rotary (WA} Driver Education..program.  The programs FOCUS is to prepare Secondary students in the Greater Geraldton area, and approaching Learner Driver age, with important driving skills and car/road safety awareness.

The Project is organized by volunteers from all three Geraldton Rotary Clubs and is supported by the Government of Western Australia Road Safety program. The events take place in March and November each year and are held at the Towns Football Club rooms.

Students arrive for a 9.25am start and the day finishes at 2pm.  The program consists of six thirty minute sessions and students are split up into six groups and they rotate through the 6 stations.

A volunteer Supervisor is required for each group and volunteers are also required for program set up, and pack up, and kitchen food preparation.

The six stations students visit during their day at RWADE are;

Road Statistics and overview of road safety. Operated by members of W.A. Police

First aid awareness and response.  Operated by St. Johns ambulance members

Safe stopping distances, braking and Operated by Keens Driving School

Road train awareness Hazards, Distractions, driving risks Operated by RAC

My Wheels: What to look out for and Tips when choosing your first car.          Youngs Motors

Crash Survivor: How a serious road accident can change your life.     Story told by a crash survivor.


Ed.  Bill Frazer


Author: Bill Frazer

Published: 24 January, 2021


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