Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough - Issue No.: 627 Issue Date: 10 May, 2021

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Maurice Battilana, CEO C.V. Shire

Where to Now for Local Government?

Bruce re-introduced Maurice Battilana, the CEO of the Shire of Chapman Valley. Maurice has worked in local government for 33 years, the last 15 as Chapman Valley CEO. Local Govt has changed considerably, mainly due to the over burdening of legislation and the State Govt’s mantra of “one size fits all.” There is no consideration for the difference in size of regional administrations or a “tiered” model.

1960 – 7000 pages of legislation

Current – 25000 pages of legislation

In 1901 there were 140 local govt administrations. There are currently 138.

UWA conducted a review recently with the CEO’s in Local Govt and found that the stress levels on CEO’s was 3 times the national average . This was compared to Police/Mining/etc.

Social media warriors have added to stress levels.

Where To In The Future?

Maurice recently addressed a forum of Young Local Govt Employees and suggested that the current era of local govt was “An Era Of Compliance” where the burden of legislation was unrealistic and did not enable progress /efficiency. The current State Govt did not have the interest/will/cajones to drive change.

You can do this in the CV Shire!

Chapman Valley

He suggested the next group of leaders support an “Era of Defiance” and stand up to force change. If 138 administrations worked together as one there is a chance for improvement. Just say NO!

Three tiers of government in Australia is over governing and does not help the local administrations. Local Govt will stay !!

Current Projects:

Road Safety/Improvement - $6million budget/ $4million spent on roads.

(The opinions in this address are the personal views of Maurice, not as CEO)


Doc T- Amalgamation

Stabba – Efficiency

Tony – Benefits of Oakagee

Thanks from Jim D.

Author: Geoff Wood

Published: 4 March, 2021


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