Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough - Issue No.: 627 Issue Date: 10 May, 2021

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The M4D team!

Music for Dementia at Conference

Below is an email report sent to us from Woody and referred to at the meeting on Wednesday. Geoff has put his heart and soul into this project that has exploded nation wide. The M4D stand set up at Conference was well received, with heaps of interest shown and lots of new contacts made. Needless to say his "helpers" at conference had a great time as well!!

Hi Everybody,

It’s been two and a half years since we started trials for M4D.

The resultant information enabled us to proceed with the project to place 400 sets into Geraldton and the Midwest and through the ABC, spread our message across Australia.

Over 40 Rotary clubs and organisations and many individuals contacted us for information.

Since then, we have been interrupted by Covid-19, which closed access to every Aged Care facility, and our Club membership has waned with members becoming disillusioned and losing interest.

As a Club, we have continued to support those we can with projects fitting the restrictions. (i.e Foodbank, with a Club record collection)

Now that Covid has eased, M4D is still progressing. At the Joint District Conference we had an exhibition with a lot of interest and Clubs still keen in taking up the challenge.

At the start of our M4D journey, through the efforts of Pete Svensson, he negotiated with Jaycar to design a product to suit our project. We launched the project in the Year of Macca with assistance from Bendigo Bank, Rotary District and Jaycar.

Packed up and out of here!

Jo hard at work!

You may be pleased to know that our little Club from regional W.A has seen 28,000 headsets distributed Australia wide and still expanding.

We have interest in research partnerships. A lovely lady, Lorna Prendergast from Bairnsdale in Victoria, was nominated for Senior Australian of the Year, for her work in M4D. (I believe she is 90 years old.)

So our project is touching many lives and hopefully improving the quality.

An interesting fact; Only 2 headsets have been returned to Jaycar. They were damaged, not a malfunction, and were replaced free of charge.

So don’t be disillusioned and feel we are not being effective.

Come to meetings or Zoom in. Maintain interest in the Club.

We have Legacy Day approaching, Harmony Day this Saturday, Landor Races and our big Perth Symphony Orchestra concert in March 2022.

I have had an update interview with the ABC this morning which hopefully will go to air this week.






Author: Geoff Wood

Published: 11 March, 2021


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