Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough - Issue No.: 627 Issue Date: 10 May, 2021

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Early Vaccination!

Vaccination Update

In 1778 Dr Edward Jenner discovered that milk maids infected with cow pox did not contract the deadly Small Pox that was ravaging Europe killing millions.

Jenner showed that inoculating the pus from cowpox pustules into the skin of his patients protected them from contracting Small Pox.
He called this process “Vaccination” from the Latin “Vacca” for “cow” and “Vaccinia” for “Cow Pox”. This was the start of a revolution in the world of Medicine.

Thanks to vaccination, many diseases that were once common causing untold suffering and death were virtually eradicated

  • Diphtheria, Tetanus

  • Measles, Mumps and Rubella

  • Whooping cough

  • Polio (Scourge of the 1950’s) Rotary working to eliminate.< >

  • Small Pox, eliminated no wild virus left.

  • In more recent times other diseases have had vaccines made;

  • Chicken Pox

  • Haemophilus Influenza (Meningitis, Epiglotitis)

  • Meningitis A C Y B

  • Human Papilloma Virus (Cancer of the Cervix)< >< >

  • Typhoid, Cholera, Yellow Fever, Rabies

How to Vaccines Work?

  • Essentially it is a refined process of what Jenner discovered. Introduce a harmless substance into the body similar to the bug you wish to cover. This will induce an immune response such that when the body comes into contact with the real bug it can fight it.

  • As we are all aware, our bodies are at war with many bugs and viruses and are experienced in handling them.

  • The primary purpose of a vaccine is to eliminate or reduce the severity of the disease and prevent or attenuate the rate of transmission.

  • We were told last year it would take at least two years to develop a vaccine, it has taken less than a year, has this been dangerously rushed?

  • This development has been spectacular, but has been based on years of previous research and vaccine technology.

  • The Astra Zeneca vaccine was developed at Oxford Universityand involves using a common cold virus to carry the proteins of the virus you want to protect against.

  • This is a “Recombinant” vaccine. As soon as the virus genetic code becomes available, it can be uses to modify the “carrier” into a specific vaccine to combat the virus to be targeted allowing clinical trials to begin.

    Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines

  • These use messenger RNA and like the AZ vaccine, only needed the SARS-CoV-2 genetic sequence to be developed. (These vaccines do NOT alter a host cells DNA or contain microchips!)

  • The other factors in rapid development are...

  • MONEY!! The whole globe has thrown dollars at it! Essential to save the World’s economy….

  • Lots of willing volunteers!

  • Vaccine Development

  • Test in cells in lab, then animals. Does it protect against infection? Then on to human trials:

  • Phase One: Tested in a small number of humans: is it safe?

  • Phase two : More testing in humans. Is there an immune response?

  • Phase Three: Testing in a larger number of Humans. Is it safe and does it work?

  • Phase Four: Ongoing surveillance after roll out.

  • These trials have been given high priority: No waiting around! Lots of overlap.

  • Side effects?

    • Local side effects are common and include< >

    • Local pain

    • Fever and chills

    • Probably a sign the vaccine is working!

    • Serious side effects extremely rare.

    • Present pauses of AZ vaccine in Europe over blood clotting could bite them in the derriere with further disease progression.

    Why do I need to get the vaccine?

    • Covid is a nasty multi system disease that can not only severely affect the lungs, but other body organs as well including the kidneys and brain. A death rate of 1-2% sounds low, but tell that 555,000 dead Americans…….

    • It strains health resources causing collateral poor health outcomes.

    • Can take months to recover from with long term disability, eg shortness of breath and anosmia.

    • To not only protect yourself, but also the vulnerable in our community. These in particular include the elderly, and people with Chronic Disease. (Eg Asthma, diabetes)

    Which Vaccine will I Receive and When?

    • Phase 1a. Quarantine and border workers, front line health workers, age care and disability residents and staff. (Pfizer and AZ)

    • Phase 1b. Over 70s, other health care workers, chronic disease sufferers, Indigenous over 55, emergency services personnel.

    • Phase 2a. Over 50s, Indigenous 18-54

    • Phase 2b. Everyone else

    • Phase 3. Children “if recommended”.

    • Phase 1b to 3 will be the AZ vaccine.


    • Covid 19 is a nasty highly infectious viral disease with significant mortality and morbidity.

    • Collateral damage from this virus has the potential to cause poor health outcomes such as delayed diagnosis and treatment of other medical conditions, and exacerbating anxiety, depression and other mental health problems.

    • Economic consequences can be devastating also affecting health and wellbeing.

    Covid 19 vaccines are safe and effective and health authorities recommend people accept the vaccine, when it is their turn, to protect themselves and their communities.


    Author: Ian Taylor

    Published: 20 March, 2021


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