Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Greater Geraldton - Issue No.: 734 Issue Date: 29 May, 2023

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Our evening mob!

Sergeant Viki called order at 6.00pm sharp, disrupting several who thought the bar was the venue for the meeting. Queen Viki handed over to President Jo, resplendent in scootin’ boots, who welcomed us to our first evening meeting.

Ross Baietta gave us a well rehearsed Invocation and we toasted our country “Straya”.

The sergeant then chastised us and mixed our seating arrangements, (rightly so !!)

Our guest speaker, Trudy Cornish, from the Library/Art Gallery, was introduced by Don Rolston and Trevor Beaver introduced his son Michael, home from London.

Apologies were numerous including Doc Taylor, who had just had knee surgery, Phil Martin, in Europe, Di Gilleland, somewhere in the great outdoors, Thin Woody, having a month’s R&R.

Zoomers were Hugh and Chamari.

Thought For The Day was a quote from Dr Who (1977) about the similarity between the very powerful and the very stupid.

President Jo dispersed us for dinner. Top table, guests, those wearing glasses, others.

Thanks to Karen for organising the menu from Tarts and Co.

Geoff Wood



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