Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough - Issue No.: 627 Issue Date: 10 May, 2021

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Laura, Kiara and Pres Phil and their toys!


Our very own everywhere Lady, JO CLARKE was    there to greet us. Assisting her on the day and keeping Jo company was our early riser, the ever reliable DOUGLAS BRUCE.

APOLOGIES:  On this first Wednesday of May included; Dan Crisp, Tony Emmott, John Gooch, Raj Marvath, Suki ….and has anybody out there seen Macca?


Apparently he was last seen being kidnapped by four young ladies and taken to a house of disrepute in Mullewa ?? But, Channel 7 always gets their news wrong!  Or was it another Macca?  As in Stuart of McGill fame!!

ZOOMING IN:   this week was Kim Stokes as he was looking after his mother.    Our thoughts are with you Stabba!

GUESTS:      Great to welcome back Dave Freeman and Stewart to our Breakfast meeting. We were all encouraged to find out that Stu was stepping up to assist with the planning for the Soap Box Derby.  Well done Stu!

GUEST SPEAKERS:    This week the Club welcomed Laura Hurley and Kiara Jones from the Geraldton Toy Library.

Bill Frazer



President:  Phil Martin     0455 439 930

Secretary:     Hugh Lavery     0419 045 203


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This week the Club welcomed Laura Hurley and Kiara Jones from the Geraldton Toy Library. Read More...
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